I’m Hana, London Life Coach.

I get you & I got you.

I will help you get clarity & find contentment.

Move forward, learn how to be happy and make those life changes.

Thanks for stopping by. I know it’s for good reason.

Things could be better, couldn’t they?

You’re feeling lost. You’ve been stuck in this place for a while now.

I get you.

I know what it’s like to not know how to make yourself happy.

And that’s precisely why it matters to me that you find a different way.

I got you.

You don’t have to work it out on your own.

As an experienced coach, I’ll provide the perfect blend of independent, non-judgemental support & challenge that will propel you towards a different way of thinking & feeling.

Soon you’ll feel clearer, more in control, brimming with confidence & self-belief – ready to go out there & just enjoy the bloody great life that you deserve.

I get you & I got you.


Your London Life Coach,
Founder of The Mental Movement

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Life’s a garden, can you dig it?

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Ready to do this?

Here’s how we can start our journey together:

The First Step

A 90 min session

A quick but firm boost into action

The Journey

4 x 90 min sessions

A reflective safari to get curious, explore you & make change

The Giant Leap

VIP day + 3 session follow up

Let’s go deep & get up to our elbows in you

“I found myself in a bit of a mental rut. I couldn’t really put my finger on it…to anyone else, life was good but I was really struggling.

My sessions with Hana made me realise the power of saying it out loud, to a stranger (a lovely stranger) – someone who was not going to judge me or tell anyone, someone who I could bounce every idea off and tell every irrational thought to.

Hana helped me see that my thoughts control my actions and therefore I’m actually in control of the way I think and the way I live my life and that realisation, in itself, made me feel so much better and more positive about things.

I saw Hana on recommendation and I’ve just recommended her to another very close friend.

We spend so much time, money and effort prioritising our physical health that our mental health arguably takes a back seat. Hana showed me that they are both incredibly important for a happy and balanced life.

If you have trouble dealing with things, talking to someone about it is so positive and empowering and I cannot recommend Hana more highly.”

Emma, Earlsfield

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