My partner takes the piss out of me because I read a lot of ‘self-help’/’make yourself happy’ type books and I totally agree that some of the titles and bio’s are pretty cringe, but I genuinely enjoy and learn a lot from most of them. It’s the minority that get rejected after a couple of chapters, generally for being too dense, dull and convoluted.

What I like the most about Be Brilliant Everyday, is that it makes some great observations about positive psychology and how to live a more balanced and contented life, while maintaining a massive sense of humour about it all and keeping everything short, simple and interspersed with fun cartoons and images.

Occasionally, I admit that it becomes a bit silly but I can forgive that, as I’m a true believer that being able to laugh and make light of things is one of the best medicines.

Here are some of my favourite excerpts to give you a taster:

  • When a rocket pulls away from the launch pad, it uses 90% of it’s fuel in the initial ‘getting going’ phase. And humans work on a similar principle. The energy involved in getting off your backside and engaging in something meaningful seems significant. The fact that, once engaged in said activity, you come alive and feel invigorated, is easily forgotten.
  • The Losada Line, 2.9013, is the minimum ratio of positive to negative comments necessary to create flourishing relationships. A positivity ratio of 6:1 is ideal. Please note the ‘1’ in the ratio, some negativity, criticism and pessimism is fine.
  • Beautiful ordinary – I’ll wager that the top 10 happiest moments of your life are experiences rather than products.
  • It takes four minutes for other people to ‘catch’ your feelings. So, if you’re upbeat, passionate and positive for four minutes, the people around you will have almost no choice but to feel good too.

I recommend this book for the following:

  • if you’re considering your first foray into the genre of self-help/psychology
  • you’re a bit of a cynic
  • you want something easily digestible
  • blokes

I’d give this book 7/10 – a refreshingly enjoyable, easy read.

Happy reading.